Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Wednesday May 30th 2018


Today is the big day! Its Arts night!

We spent the day at the city church practicing for arts night! While we were waiting we completed a math review package for their test tomorrow. We practiced a few more times while we were waiting.

Costume: As our song is about school they are wearing their regular school uniform. They can wear shorts, pants or a dress. They need to wear their vest or their v-neck sweater as well. If you do not have one please borrow one from a friend.

Performances: There are two performances tomorrow. One at 1:30pm and one at 7:00pm. In the evening they need to be dropped off at the city church at 6:15pm. They are preforming at the beginning and the end so they need to stay for the whole performance.

The address for the city church is: 2700 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 5V4

Everyone has a part in the performance so it is essential that everyone is there.

See you there!

*Read 25 minutes
*Raz kids twice per week
*Novel study, if not finished
*Math test Thursday
*Spelling due Thursday
*Spelling test Friday

*City church 6:15 tomorrow
* Year end play day June 1st
*Bake sale Thursday
*Track and Field Friday---Freezies $1

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