Thursday, 3 May 2018

Thursday May 3rd 2018


Here is what we did on Thursday.

Math: Today we learned about pattern transformations. We discussed the difference between line and area patterns. We also looked at how transformations are used in different patterns. They each had to create and label their own pattern including at least one transformation. We did a worksheet and textbook questions for extra practice.

This is a line pattern.

This is an area pattern:

Language: Today we did an IB Lesson on being a principled person. The students discussed what it means to be principled and then as an activity were split into groups to create a short skit to show someone learning the importance of being principled.


Gym: Please see Mr. B's blog for more information.
Music: Please see Mr. Oliver's blog for more information.

UOI: We worked on our summative.


French: Please see Mme. Stella's blog for more information.

Have a good night!

Miss. Ross

*Read 25 minutes
*Raz kids twice before Sunday.
*Start bringing in materials
*Math worksheet

*Spelling due Thursday

*Spelling test Friday

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