Monday, 14 May 2018

Monday May 14th 2018


Here is what we did on Monday.

Math: Today we explored angles in quadrilaterals! We talked about how squares and rectangles have 4 equal angles, parallelograms and rhombuses have opposite equal angles and lastly all kites have 2 equal angles. To show that angles are equal you draw matching arcs. We did examples on the board and a few textbook questions for practice.

Language: We started our new novel study. We are reading the famous novel, "The Secret Garden." The students are so excited to begin a new story adventure! They made so many connections to our last novel study book as well.


Gym: Please see Mr. B's blog for more information.
UOI: We completed our soil experiment! We drew out the last stage of the experiment. Today we also learned about the different layers of soil. We watched a video and discussed what is included in each layer. 


French: Please see Mme. Stella's blog for more information.

Have a good night!

Miss. Ross

*Read 25 minutes
*Presentations Monday
*Raz kids twice per week
*Math worksheet

*Choir uniform tomorrow
* No School Friday and Monday*Spelling bee May 11

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