Monday, 7 May 2018

Monday May 7th 2018


Here is what we did today.

Math: We went over the review package for our quiz on Wednesday. This is a very short unit so the quiz will be on Wednesday. We have sent home another review package to start on tonight. This is not to complete for tomorrow as we are going to work on it tomorrow in class as well and then take it up.

Music: Please see Mr. Oliver's blog for more information.
Math: We did the show what you know in the textbook.


Gym: Please see Mr. B's blog for more information.
UOI: We started on our presentations. The rest will take place throughout the week. Stay tuned for the videos!


French: Please see Mme. Stella's blog for more information.
Spelling: I will give them more time to work on it tomorrow.

Have a good night!

Miss. Ross

*Read 25 minutes

*Presentations Monday
*Math review package--DONT DO THE WHOLE PACKAGE
*Raz kids twice per week
*math quiz Wednesday

*Spelling bee May 11
*Dance party--Shakespeare play

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