Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tuesday May 8th 2018


Here is what we did today.

Math: We worked on the review package and then took up the answers.
Reading buddies

Language: We worked on some mother's day activities!


Gym: Please see Mr. B's blog for more information.
UOI: We started our new unit on plants and soil! We went on a nature walk through the forest near by. We talked about what we knew already about plants and soil then looked for different items in pairs on a scavenger hunt. We had so much fun! Finally we wrote down some questions of things we wanted to know more about and we will share them tomorrow.


Shakespeare play: We had the chance to watch the shakespeare play! It was so well done the kids loved it! I definitely recommend everyone coming to see it! if you are attending the MYP play, then the kids admission to the dance is FREE. Also, students need a ticket for entry to the dance. Ms. Kaitlin's has the tickets here at the front desk so please reach out to her for the tickets or if you have any other questions please email the front desk!

If you to attend the dance and you are not going to the play, they just have to pay $15.

*Read 25 minutes

*Presentations Monday
*Math review sheets on blog --OPTIONAL
*Raz kids twice per week
*math quiz Wednesday

*Spelling bee May 11
*Dance party--Shakespeare play
*Mason jar for friday

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