Saturday, 9 December 2017

Thursday December 7th 2017


Here s what we did today.

Math: We did review for our test on Monday.
Student-led conferences: We worked on our package for the conferences and then practiced.


Organization: We handed out papers and organized our classroom. Next we found 6 pieces of work that we could show our parents during our conference. 3 that he or she did well on and 3 that he or she needs to improve on.
UOI: Today we learned about non-fiction text features! I described the different features to the students and gave them some examples from a non-fiction book. We talked about how we use them and where we have seen them before. As an exit ticket, the students had to look through a non-fiction book and find one text feature!


Book Fair: We went to make our wish lists for the Book Fair!

Have a good night!

Miss. Ross

*Spelling due Thursday
*Spelling test Friday
*Raz kids twice before Sunday
*Math worksheet
*Math test December 11

*Field Trip tomorrow--disposable lunch

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