Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Wednesday November 1st 2017


Here is what we did today.

Math: Today we talked about skip counting.We talked about how skip counting is not counting every number the same amounts each time. For example, 2,4,6,8,10,12 etc. We also talked about what it meant to be a multiple. We talked about how it means a number can be divided into that many even groups. For example 12 is a multiple of 2 as it can be divided into 6 even groups but 15 is not a multiple of 2 as it cannot be divided into a even number of groups. We did some work together and then did some work from the textbook.
Language: Today we read the next chapter called Sundays. It was about what happens on Sundays during the pioneer times! Next we talked about cause and effect relationships. Cause is what happened first and the effect is what happened as a result of that. We did some questions together on a worksheet and then they practiced cause and effect independently.

Here is the link for the book. You need to click on "pdf (tablet)" in the middle of the page and that will bring you to the file:


Gym: Please see Mr. B's blog for more information.
UOI: Today we talked about the inside of the pioneer home. We did a comprehension sheet in which we read together and they answered the questions independently. We talked about looking for key words from the question in the reading. They had 40 minutes to complete the sheet and if it was not finished it was homework.


French: Please see Mme. Stella's blog for more information.

Have a good night!

Miss. Ross

*Raz kids twice before Sunday
*Read 25 minutes
*Spelling due Tomorrow
*Spelling test Friday
*Math Test signed
*Math worksheet
*Fix math mistakes
*UOI worksheet if not done

*Field trip Tomorrow
           * Disposable lunch
           * Be here for 8:30

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